The PLAYer Level is the first step in providing ongoing opportunities for learning golf, the Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits while acquiring valuable life skills. PLAYer Level participants begin their journey through the First Tee Curriculum by exposure to the first set of Core Lessons: 1 -9. Below are the requirements participants must meet in order to qualify for certification to the next level. The PLAYer Level is self-paced and participation will be monitored through a 'scorecard' allowing the participant and parent to track progression.

PLAYer Level Requirements:

  • Ages 7+
  • Participate in a GREEN, a VALLEY & a RANCH Session.

Core Lesson Curriculum:

  • 1 - Welcome & Showing Respect
  • 2 - Courtesy Toward Others
  • 3 - Responsibility for the Course
  • 4 - Honesty of Players
  • 5 - Modeling Sportsmanship
  • 6 - Developing Confidence
  • 7 - Using Good Judgment
  • 8 - Playing with Perseverance
  • 9 - Living with Integrity

PLAYer Attendance Policy

Regular attendance ensures the participant’s likelihood of advancement to the next level; therefore, we expect participants to attend at least 3 of 6 classes during the session. If for any reason you are unable to attend class, please contact us as soon as possible.