Participants who successfully certify through the PAR Level proceed to the next Level: BIRDIE, which is a seasonal membership (April through October).  Birdie Level participants continue their journey through the First Tee Curriculum by exposure to the next set of Core Lessons: 16–21. Below are the requirements participants must meet in order to qualify for certification to the next level. The BIRDIE Level is self-paced and participation will be monitored through a 'scorecard' allowing the participant and parent to track progression.

Birdie Level Requirements:

  • Age 11+
  • Participate in a BIRDIE GREEN, BIRDIE VALLEY & a BIRDIE RANCH Session
  • Participate in 4 Electives
  • Participate in 3 Service Opportunities
  • Play in 8 Friday Play Days (individual registration required)

Core Lesson Curriculum:

  • 16 - Dreams & Goals
  • 17 - Goals (Positive & Important to You)
  • 18 - Goals that are Specific & Under Your Control
  • 19 - Setting Different Types of Goals
  • 20 - Getting to Your Goal
  • 21 - Dealing with Challenges

Play Days...

  • Sign Up is Required

Birdie Attendance Policy

Regular attendance ensures the participant’s likelihood of advancement to the next level; therefore, we expect participants to attend at least 3 of 6 classes during the session. If for any reason you are unable to attend class, please contact us as soon as possible.